Thursday, May 5, 2011

Death by Pie

I didn't know this but Peach Pie is my brother-in-law Jason's favorite type of pie. I really had no idea. I discovered this when I had purchased some peaches and told him I was going to make an attempt at a peach pie. He's been very supportive of my pies and is one of the few people who I can count on for an honest answer. Oh and also someone I can count on when I don't have the heart to throw out what's left of my pie because I don't want to eat it.
I made this pie on March 24, 2011. I've been taking pictures of all my pies so I can document them and keep track of how many I have made and try to remember if they were good or bad so I can learn from my mistakes and remember what not to do next time.
Here is a picture of the final product. I have to admit I was afraid to make it all peach for fear it would not taste good, peach alone. I decided to add apples since they are a good filler and compliment for almost every fruit. So I called Jason over when his pie was done. I showed it to him and after I served him a slice I said "Let me try a slither to make sure it came out ok." It was actually very delicious which I was pretty relieved about. I said "Ok, it's yours." I thought he was going to take a big slice home or maybe half the pie at most. Nope, I was wrong. He said "Thank you" and proceeded to take the entire pie home. He then put a post on his FaceBook thanking me for the pie which was a really sweet comment on his behalf. I decided I would name the pie after him somehow or incorporate something that reminded me of him. I couldn't think of anything. The next morning after I was at work for a couple of hours, he sends me this picture of him eating his pie and the only caption to the picture says "Death by Pie" Hence the name of my peach-apple pie.
He really did finish that entire pie by himself.

Lastly I leave you this cute picture of Sofia helping me put the sugar in Jay's pie. It's funny how fast she learned the word pie, shortly after I began my quest to make the perfect pie. She loves it when I make one and she asks "Mama, pie?" She's too cute. Enjoy and thx for reading.

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