Friday, May 6, 2011

CranApple Pie

This is actually a very old picture and a pie that I made four years ago. My mom had stopped by to visit in November and we made pies together. The CranApple pie is still among my favorite pies and is the one my mom and I would make the most together. If you look closely you can see the cranberries in this pie.
I made a pie last sunday night that I brought in to work on Monday and another pie on Friday night for Dez and Karson to sample. I'm considering baking an entire cook book of pies although I haven't decided if I should do the Sweety Pies book by Patty Piner or if I should do the Pies book by Ken Haedrich. Decisions, decisions....

1 comment:

  1. Why oh Why did you make pie on our first week of our diet? Oh well a small piece was just enough. It was sooo good! All your pies are good. I want you to make the bannana cream one with the pecan crust. It sounds so delish!