Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Berry Pie

I couldn't afford to pay for something so I offered to make this friend of mine a pie. This person is a great cook and I took a great risk making this pie. I was excited and thrilled. I later found out that the pie was not only soupy but it was in their humble opinion not cooked all the way. After a week they said they were still working on the pie and to date I have not seen my tin back. Frankly speaking I loved the honesty. I know some people think it is better to be polite and say "I loved your pie." but honestly I would rather give up politeness for honesty. Yes the truth may hurt at times but isn't that what life is, a learning process? Think about how my friend must have felt. I'm sure it was hard for them to be up front and say it basically wasn't that great. Or perhaps they didn't even care. Either way, I did appreciate it and saved that tip or learning experience for future pies. As it goes with anything else, you have to do something enough times before you get it right. I'm still learning but I really do love making pies.

I had this discussion with a coworker of mine. She found it hard to believe that making pies for me was rather therapeutic. There would be times at work where all I could think about were pies. I would see what people were eating for lunch and thought, wow I could make a pie out of that. I was recently asked to make a chocolate bacon pie, to which I laughed but still thought of it to be a great idea. I'd have to use "Fake-on" of course, as my brother-in-law calls it. Mmmm that actually sounds good. But seriously, some days especially after a bad day at work, there is nothing more I would rather do than to run my fingers through butter, flour, sugar and milk and to roll out what my idea of a perfectly looking pie crust would be.

To date I have not attempted to go back and perfect my black berry pie. Frankly, the only reason I attempted it was because I was told that this person loved black berry pie. Soon enough I will have to revisit this area and get it right. Really not so much venturing out and being creative but actually sticking to a recipe, THEN letting the creative pie thoughts take over. lol. Scary.

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